“The Fire”

Today I woke up to a text with an attached audio from one human,
the kind that you cross their mind once in a solar eclipse.
Anyway, the audio was just inspiring and the beat was the
kind I vibe with: So I decided to share;

There’s something in your heart
and it’s in your eyes
It’s the fire, inside you
Let it burn
You don’t say good luck
You say don’t give up
It’s the fire, inside you
Let it burn
[Black Thought]
Yeah, and if I’m ever at the crossroads
and start feeling mixed signals like Morse code
My soul start to grow colder than the North Pole
I try to focus on the hole of where the torch goes
In the tradition of these legendary sports pros
As far as I can see, I’ve made it to the threshold
Lord knows I’ve waited for this a lifetime
And I’m an icon when I let my light shine
Shine bright as an example of a champion
Taking the advantage, never copping out or cancelling
Burn like a chariot, learn how to carry it
Maverick, always above and beyond average
Fuel to the flame that I train with and travel with
Something in my eyes say I’m so close to having the prize
I realise I’m supposed to reach for the skies
Never let somebody try to tell you otherwise

[Black Thought]
One love, one game, one desire
One flame, one bonfire, let it burn higher
I never show signs of fatigue or turn tired
cause I’m the definition of tragedy turned triumph
It’s David and Goliath, I made it to the eye of
the storm, feeling torn like they fed me to the lions
Before my time start to wind down like the Mayans
I show ’em how I got the grind down like a science
It sounds like a riot on hush, it’s so quiet
The only thing I hear is my heart, I’m inspired
by the challenge that I find myself standing eye to eye with
Then move like a wise warrior and not a coward
You can’t escape the history that you was meant to make
That’s why the highest victory is what I’m meant to take
You came to celebrate, I came to cerebrate
I hate losing, I refuse to make the same mistake

“The Fire” The Roots feat. John Legend.


2:00am note


A little sleepy, but mostly sad

A trace of a fast heart beat, so maybe I’m mad

“Breathe in baby! Get a hold of your calm

Clear out your mind, do not play the detective card!”

There I go again pushing the gag

I fight with my mind to keep you in my heart

But lately I’ve been a recipient of your phony act

If you can’t see how much I’m trying, you’re better off in my past

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I had Faith once, but logic got in the way of that.

Now I have lost Faith, and all the good things that come with.

Remember all the times I said logic gives you all the answers,

I lied. Lucidity gave me a sagacity of self-preservation.

But self-preservation comes with a cost.


Self-preservation made a choice for me,

and I put Faith at arm’s length. For a moment I felt safe.

Turns out rationality has cost me the whole enchilada.

Lucidity has cost me Faith, Hope, Love and Happiness.

Shrewdness for some time; Yes, stopped me from making some

bad verdicts, but this time Logic is costing me everything.


Logic kept me sane, from making the “measured” wrong choices

I scrupulously assumed Logic was the way to go, would keep me

in an orthodox state and that I wouldn’t have qualms.

This time, Remorse is knocking on my medulla

maybe it will soon leave, maybe it won’t

All that I mete out to Faith.


Logic for some time, has been leading me awry

So I have realized.

Sabotaging self-happiness because of Logic. Not anymore.

When I had Faith, I felt happy, optimistic, human, love.

When I lost Faith, for the second time in my entire life,

I felt regret. It is not a nice feeling. Truth.


Lord I know I haven’t been to you lately,

But as you said in Matt 7:7,

Lord, bring Faith back to me.

Bring Faith back into my life,

For Faith gives me hope, a sense of self worth,

Faith makes feel loved and I too love Faith.


Cocoon Above

Cocoon above! Cocoon below!
Stealthy Cocoon, why hide you so
What all the world suspect?
An hour, and gay on every tree
Your secret, perched in ecstasy
Defies imprisonment!

An hour in Chrysalis to pass,
Then gay above receding grass
A Butterfly to go!
A moment to interrogate,
Then wiser than a “Surrogate,”
The Universe to know!

Social Media Wants #1

Because Wi-Fi here has got me exasperated even more, I have decided to open my word editor and scribble down the unprecedented article about certain absurd and nonsensical things people always want and wish for.

But first, i really want to thank Lucy for always keeping me in shape every morning. Aside that some days don’t seem vibrant when i get up, Lucy is always there to give me that same smile to let me know that the morning is bright; I have seen better days since Lucy was put up. For those of you who don’t know Lucy; she is on a poster somewhere along a certain road that I use every morning, she is the real definition of joie de vivre, that same look and smile she gives me every morning; stunning (if you are wondering; is there ubiquity in this, I checked).

Back to what people always wish for; Today I will tackle and do a sweep on social media. People for a long time now have wished for a dislike button on the infamous book of faces(facebook). Yeah!! I mean, there are those obvious annoying and irrelevant posts that spam facebook pages every day and most of us fall victims to such posts; that is to say in some facebookers’ thoughts and pervasiveness or notion.

But this is not the part that annoys me; because guess what, I don’t give a grain of shit to whatever useless post on social media. But what I do really care about is when someone posts something that goes thus, “Our dear father has left this world still early, leaving us to the storms and wretched ways of this world, we shall miss you dearly dad. RIP” or some other sad story say like a landslide has killed a few people somewhere, or a story about children somewhere who are dying each day one after the other because of hunger and people are busy hitting the like button on such posts! wtf! wtf! and wtf!

How dare you, in a correct state of mind, like such a post, posted by someone with intent of getting some condolences. But then I again ask myself .. scratch that .. the question goes to those who post especially the death of their family members; what is exactly your problem? What the fuck is really wrong with you? Why do you look for condolences from strangers? I mean, you have tons of people in your phonebook, who care to know about such news, send them texts, call them, cry to them, then maybe you might get what you are really looking for.

Though some people would want the dislike button, which would in some cases be fun to have, I beg to disagree but rather as the CEO and part founder of facebook Zuckerburg argues, there should be a button that addresses feelings of someone upon reading the type of posts I mentioned above.

A button that would show actual remorse towards a situation.

Gracias Mis Lectores, Buena lectura..

Just how long should you wait!

We are now in that time of the year where you wake up at 6am
in the morning, you pull up your bedroom curtain and the rays
of the sun hit your face; you know that time of the year where
mornings come quicker and the night too; it is 6pm and the moon
is already informing you to retire from the days work.

This morning I heard something interesting on the radio, they
were talking about how long one should one be in a dating
relationship before getting to the real thing; like
getting serious and all that. One thing that got me though,
was a woman who said she would need at-least 5 years or more
to be able to learn about all the shit about this guy;
Now that is shit! wtf!! 5 years? I mean are you going through
high or elementary school!!

As it turns out, there isn’t a lot of recent research on the
courtship length prior to marriage. But study shows that
happily married couples dated for approximately 25 months
before getting married; that is 2 years plus we have to
remember that what marriage means on a societal level
is also changing.

I believe that individuals have their own certain and various
procedures or rituals better yet timetables they follow
according to the circumstances, you know, like how some
women have a ritual that they will only give the guy sexual
pleasure after the 5th date!

Most of the times relationships take long to get into the
commitment level because of the told-stories from the
heartbroken souls airing out their despair and bitterness.
But hey It’s important to remember, however, that nobody
escapes matters of the heart completely unscathed.

“Men look for sex and find love.” This doesn’t mean he’s a player
or a liar or a loser. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be a
good husband and father one day. All it means is that when he shows
up on the first date with you and sees how attractive you are,
he’s not thinking about the long-term future,
he’s thinking about the short-term future: “How am I going to charm her?
How am I going to make her like me? How am I going to give her an
extra drink so I can get her back to my place?”
This is true because men become focused on the here and now,
trying to make the most of the present moment.

A lady will try to see through you..
A lady will try to see through you..

But women on the other hand aren’t even focused on the date itself,
they are usually trying to see through you and predict the future
“What’s wrong with this guy? Where is this headed?
Is he financially stable? Does he believe in marriage?
Is he a player? Does he respect women? Does he want children?
He better not hurt me. I don’t want to waste my time.”
This sever explains almost all of the friction in dating
and once you understand it, you can make a permanent adjustment.

A little thought intended for the ladies out there;
The guy who’s been casually seeing you for over two months,
where he occasionally texts you, occasionally sees you is simply
not putting in the requisite effort to win you over. In the long run,
he’s a waste of time because he’s already showing you the kind of
relationship he wants: low-stakes, low rewards, no commitment.
Guys who don’t escalate their efforts after about two months
are probably a waste of your time and if you still need more time
than that to get exclusive, like the lady who talked about
5 years!! then its high time you get your shit together.

Gracias mis lectores.