Politics isn’t a dirty game after all

Most of the times things are not as they seem, …scratch that.. nothing is
ever as it seems. Right from the people close to you, the very people you call
your own, the same people you would think to vouch for you, oh no, these are
the exact same people that will shove a spade right in your back when you
turn around. If your next-of-kin can do this, what about a stranger.

It is the festive nomination season, am using the ‘festive‘ word because
we know the nominations customarily come with a lot of ‘goodies’ and yes; people
really enjoy themselves with these goodies, but they don’t last forever you know.

Let me get to the crux now, they usually say ‘politics is a dirty game‘,
am not sure whether this qualifies the statement to be a saying, a proverb
or a short story; but this is what i think.

50% of the politics game isn’t played by the politicians but rather the people
who vote these people into those tuscan leather chairs. It is always the same
story, like an annoying neighbor you can’t just get rid of; but then we always
‘forget nothing and remember nothing’.

A little hand-off, a few thousand notes into the people’s pockets is abundant
to activate the candor gene to think that things won’t be the same as last time.
A man in our zone recently organized a feast just before the
voting procedure – the primaries, after the feasting they went to the
voting station; after a few hours, they were at odds that the votes had been
stolen and you still think why wonders never cease to amaze me.

And they usually make the same old stupid jokes but never the less people still find them amusing, well; I just find them irksome.

They usually look that pathetic and perplexed to me..
They usually look that pathetic and perplexed to me..

Politics is not a dirty game, at least not to the people who hold the cards.
It is more like poker, you should know when to hold and when to fold.
We should know when to play our cards right, know when to keep someone in the
system and when not to keep them in; we have this deck of cards (politicians),
we have to know when to pick a card and when not to hold.

Let me share with you I trick that I think can work for us, we can be the masters
of this game. Simply expounded; when someone new gets to the leather chair,
they always want to make a difference, truth is that they want to do something
that will earn them votes next time. So they want to be better than their
predecessor; and that is what we can exploit, we can decide to vote someone
new into that chair each time so that we keep getting new better results each  instead of keeping someone there for a decade and they keep promising the same thing as they did hitherto – like I said, the same old story, so what are you really
willing to do for our future to become rehabilitated in the vast circles of life.

Gracias les mitores