I had Faith once, but logic got in the way of that.

Now I have lost Faith, and all the good things that come with.

Remember all the times I said logic gives you all the answers,

I lied. Lucidity gave me a sagacity of self-preservation.

But self-preservation comes with a cost.


Self-preservation made a choice for me,

and I put Faith at arm’s length. For a moment I felt safe.

Turns out rationality has cost me the whole enchilada.

Lucidity has cost me Faith, Hope, Love and Happiness.

Shrewdness for some time; Yes, stopped me from making some

bad verdicts, but this time Logic is costing me everything.


Logic kept me sane, from making the “measured” wrong choices

I scrupulously assumed Logic was the way to go, would keep me

in an orthodox state and that I wouldn’t have qualms.

This time, Remorse is knocking on my medulla

maybe it will soon leave, maybe it won’t

All that I mete out to Faith.


Logic for some time, has been leading me awry

So I have realized.

Sabotaging self-happiness because of Logic. Not anymore.

When I had Faith, I felt happy, optimistic, human, love.

When I lost Faith, for the second time in my entire life,

I felt regret. It is not a nice feeling. Truth.


Lord I know I haven’t been to you lately,

But as you said in Matt 7:7,

Lord, bring Faith back to me.

Bring Faith back into my life,

For Faith gives me hope, a sense of self worth,

Faith makes feel loved and I too love Faith.