Because Wi-Fi here has got me exasperated even more, I have decided to open my word editor and scribble down the unprecedented article about certain absurd and nonsensical things people always want and wish for.

But first, i really want to thank Lucy for always keeping me in shape every morning. Aside that some days don’t seem vibrant when i get up, Lucy is always there to give me that same smile to let me know that the morning is bright; I have seen better days since Lucy was put up. For those of you who don’t know Lucy; she is on a poster somewhere along a certain road that I use every morning, she is the real definition of joie de vivre, that same look and smile she gives me every morning; stunning (if you are wondering; is there ubiquity in this, I checked).

Back to what people always wish for; Today I will tackle and do a sweep on social media. People for a long time now have wished for a dislike button on the infamous book of faces(facebook). Yeah!! I mean, there are those obvious annoying and irrelevant posts that spam facebook pages every day and most of us fall victims to such posts; that is to say in some facebookers’ thoughts and pervasiveness or notion.

But this is not the part that annoys me; because guess what, I don’t give a grain of shit to whatever useless post on social media. But what I do really care about is when someone posts something that goes thus, “Our dear father has left this world still early, leaving us to the storms and wretched ways of this world, we shall miss you dearly dad. RIP” or some other sad story say like a landslide has killed a few people somewhere, or a story about children somewhere who are dying each day one after the other because of hunger and people are busy hitting the like button on such posts! wtf! wtf! and wtf!

How dare you, in a correct state of mind, like such a post, posted by someone with intent of getting some condolences. But then I again ask myself .. scratch that .. the question goes to those who post especially the death of their family members; what is exactly your problem? What the fuck is really wrong with you? Why do you look for condolences from strangers? I mean, you have tons of people in your phonebook, who care to know about such news, send them texts, call them, cry to them, then maybe you might get what you are really looking for.

Though some people would want the dislike button, which would in some cases be fun to have, I beg to disagree but rather as the CEO and part founder of facebook Zuckerburg argues, there should be a button that addresses feelings of someone upon reading the type of posts I mentioned above.

A button that would show actual remorse towards a situation.

Gracias Mis Lectores, Buena lectura..