The Secret Chamber!

Okay… Today i must do it, i must write something for my readers!!
After approximately 33 minutes and 33 seconds my laptop keyboard starts
feeling the strokes of my fingers, after the long discourse  in my head.
After all this, am starting to question whether writing is really my thing,
you know.. like thing, am wondering whether some other writers out there
go through the same quandary  as i do, but hey!! Subsequently,
the words popping out of my monitor really show progress. Just after the

first comma, then things, mindboggling things, things that weren’t there

before, you know, like suddenly you have cracked a secret chamber. There i said it!!

The Secret Chamber.

The secret Chamber
The secret Chamber..

I have always questioned my ability to motivate, especially my mates,
i know we have been called many names but for lack of a better word; stubborn,

yes we are..Back to the Secret Chamber; every being out there who has had the

urge to write,you read a certain piece of literature and you feel you can create

something that will please and actually enthuse someone out there just like this

piece you have just read..then trust me, your Secret Chamber is still locked and

needs just a little touch and push.

The Secret Chamber being secret, doesn’t mean its magical; no no no, probably you
thought as you read this that things will magically work out for you,
that is a wrong concept, trust me it is an adventure series  before you get to this chamber.
Every piece of literature that you read, isn’t the first piece
written by that author, trust me, it started out simply not that good.

This Secret Chamber is a little rusty at the start, and at first you will not be pleased
with your work, but hey; this is because you will be comparing your work with the
superb article you read, not knowing that it might have been say the 100th article

written by that author. They say ‘Practice makes Perfect’ this is one of the sayings

which requires no interpretation at all.

Therefore the Secret Chamber is rusty at the beginning, but as you explore all the
magic in there, it will start to sparkle, after the sparkles magic.
Haven’t you ever gazed upon a piece of literature and your get the ‘mouth drop’,

oh yeah!! you have. Key to the magic is to write, write and well,

write and the sparkles is to read, and read a lot.

My Secret Chamber is a bit still rusty, but hey, am challenging myself to stimulate
it with a test every after two weeks because i need magic so that my
nice readers out there will be pleased and well; entertained. Gracias mis lectores.


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