A toast to New Beginnings..

Let us all make a toast,

a toast to change, to new beginnings,

to fresh start overs!!
to fresh start overs!!

to looking forward to something much bigger, greater

and worthwhile. For many a times people have let you down through

disappointment, made you feel like you are less than

what you are, they have umpired and

misjudged you yet they

certainly don’t know you, they don’t see that

you are just like everyone else striving for a good today

and an even better tomorrow, they have no inkling that conceivably in ways that

even you yourself have not realized yet, that you are not

just conventional, may be you are extra-ordinary

in your own exceptional way.

So make a toast to change, that from Today,

every voice that told you that “you can’t”, is muzzled!

And every reason that made you believe

“things will never change”, evaporates! (I like this word, lol)

And that person you were before this instant, that persons turn is

henceforth SACKED! (Seriously)

Now it’s your turn, to do things your way

without someone around the corner to discredit you

and make you feel bad for no reason. It’s okay to be criticized

once in a while, it’s healthy, you get

to apprehend your mistakes and that you aren’t perfect,

but well of course some critics are those who

want to bring you down, but as they say,

“you rather stand tall than live on your knees, because you are a subjugator”.

Believe, in yourself, in your dreams and in change.


Why do you care!!!

There are what we call “Social Fucks”,
we all have stuff we give a fuck about,
but most crap shouldn’t even waste an ounce of one’s energy.
Most I don’t even remember reading them, and others
I give a fuck because am in a bad mood or just too bored
or better still because it is more prattle compared to the
most gibberish posts I have seen, (take into account Bebe Fool’s posts).

One morning I woke up to an audio message, some girls were giving a
fuck with the sternest yet exasperating confrontations for a Sunday
morning (some of the words I can’t even put into simple English).
They were ranting with rage how Mary Luswata (she is cute bytheway, am serious)
(Urban TV Presenter) is an abomination to Social Media. Personally, I haven’t watched too many
of her shows but I was forced to download some of the episodes from You Tube and the few I’ve gawked upon  have led me to believe that the lady doesn’t just give flare-ups but rather makes deductions based on substantial evidence and trusted sources as they call them.

Idleness, they say is a devils workstation; these girls felt they had
nothing better to do, and decided to throw rap verses to the lady
in question. I must give it to them though, there was a little rhyme,
but hey! back to why you are reading this, “Social Fucks”

Before giving a fuck about something, one should first evaluate
their ‘fucks impact’ to the topic in question, will your rants change
anything or better still be put into consideration.
If evaluation states that, your fucks will not sway even to a negative point
then you might as well be better off eating your fucks with popcorn
and a horror movie.

wtf!! did i just say Horror movie!!

But still, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t give a fuck about certain
things, especially if they are gibberish and most essentially when you
are in a bad mood, (I was in a bad mood and read a really stupid post on
facebook – the Bebe Fool post), and tonysbologna also inspired  me, so you are allowed to give a fuck
if you really want to let something off your mental,
but then again if you do it in a manner that will expose your demeanor
as rotten, then you might as well shut the fuck up or better still
there is always the option of suicide, try that!!
Trust me, no one will give a fuck.. But really why do you care?