Experience Defined..

All I need is someone with experience,” these are the words I more than often

hear from the mouths of female folk, and it was not until recently that I

came to comprehend what the statement actually means.

In my own words, “someone with experience” in likeness with relationship matters

of course logically means someone who has had a bunch of break ups, tons of

girlfriends/boyfriends and gone through say a million heart breaks but is

still enduring, well because we all know heartbreaks don’t kill..

Okay a million was a hyperbole, say a thousand.. lol

I have had four girls that have called me boyfriend, dated more than fifteen,

dumped around eight, officially broken up with around four, and occasionally

the fling just stops in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes we are not sure

if it is a relationship or not. This is just a summary, you have no idea

what circumstances led to all the aforementioned.

And this gives such a person all the experience we are talking about, doesn’t it?

My concern therefore, who would want such a ‘broken’ up person.

I came up with ‘broken’ because it was the simplest word I could use to

designate such a person next to complexity. With all that being said,

if a female says they need someone with experience;

I really begin to wonder the ‘experience they really mean but of course, there

are some certain obvious concessions but am not proficient in writing

relation-wise to that field so am sticking to ‘experience‘ the word.

Lastly, my dear females, before you ask for experience, in my words

brokenness that has been built up over the years‘ first move around

and carry out some investigation because there are fresh souls like

mine which are ready for exploration, not to mention that

time is neither static, it’s running out on you..


Kudos to Clara..

Tick, Tock, Six in the morning.

The cold breeze that sloped through my vents felt like today

was going to be diverse from yesterday, anxiety was in the air,

exploration filled the atmosphere all round.

Bees buzzed in a different way, trees stood majestically as if to

give a perpendicular endorsement to the creator, and well the

early birds were busy getting the freshest worm.

Rays tongues from the sun gave a gentle touch on my face

as I opened the door to step out, I could see the ravens feeding

the young ones in the eucalyptus tree across the road.

9pm is bed time for me, but last night Clara made sure that it was

prolonged to midnight. She was restless, moving up and down,

all I did was to keep her as calm as possible.

I guess I had no idea what was wrong with her.

I went up to check on her, the spectacle was remarkable,

Awe-inspiringly stunning, their eyes shone like the Virgin Mary’s, the little

legs, the little paws, the suave fur on their bodies, aaaww!!!

Clara had given birth to four kitties.