Grandma Told Me

Seasons of famine and drought have come to make me realize that most of the things in life that a attributed to conformity are just a waste of time.

Sometime back whilst in high school; what everybody considered a norm, simply I took it as an juvenile perception (yeah, I was grouchy like that).

While every man jack was making everybody busy with trying to acquire a position among the boys, I simply looked the other way and said to myself, ‘they will come around.’

Conformism to what? Boy/Girl relationships. Grannie told me once and I will live to remember, it was one of her annual visitations to see her grand kids and then when she was about to leave called out to me and clandestinely whispered to my ear in our local language, “muju, yelinde abakazi, wahurira…” in English “My son, beware of women, have you heard..”

Grandma tells son to be careful..
Grandma tells son to be careful..

As clear as it was, I have carried it in my heart like a cherished pearl which would keep me out of worry and distress till the time was right.

I tried to ask her when this will be and she simply told me, “don’t worry, you will know” and I believed her.


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