Why say, “I should have known”.

I think its high time this ideology finds its way to the devils den because seriously it not only brings bad feelings but also regret. It brings about lamentations in ones heart, more like a man stuck in a desert and wishing for rain, more like “I should have known” and I think its not such a good phrase when you get to utter it out because at that point I think it’s a product of an erroneous decision which was either taken due to obstructive thinking or a horizontal one.

Ok, here is the thing; take an example of a relationship between a man and a woman: ok a boy and a girl. They always call them love birds, of course this is always how it starts, flawless, unblemished, immaculate. What she or he doesn’t know, the other specie, is acting on a two-way high way. Some pipes so called nerves of his or her brain are not triggered to work on a DC but rather AC. Simply put, in a way you will understand quickly because sometimes I can also be as dumb as they cumb just as Bazanye said; the other is cheating on the latter, ok one of them is cheating, and the other has no clue whatsoever that’s running through the others thin nut, because all they are going to get is the crocodile’s smile as my grandmother used to say.


Funniest and amusing thing is that they will have the lamest excuse to ever give if at all their wrong deeds have come to succumb. They are either going to tell you; “it was the devils work”, or “am a human being, I make mistakes”. Eeh you mean your human, since when did you become an alien. Ohh yeah you cant be an alien because they are more of a modified type than you, literally they won’t make such a mistake, not falling for some specie that’s not in their kingdom.


So all the events of the awful findings are scrabbled up in up head, how are you going to deal with it. Most of you would say the obvious, “I should have known”, “how stupid of me”, “how could I have been blinded” blah blah blah

Let me give you something that will help you not to live by regret. Well, yes human beings make mistakes and we should always live with the expectation that one of us will do something unthinkable more less unpredictable, so we should always expect the worst; as the bible says not to let our guard down. So the next time your partner cheats on you or he or she is caught kissing a nerd, tell yourself,     “damn, I knew she was a bitch”.


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